Modes of Payment

Books are for Sale in India Only.
Only Printed Books are sold.

PDF Format / EBook is NOT available.

Before Paying Us, Make Sure that you have calculated the correct Price for the Books and Postage

  • The following three titles contain 1000 Questions with Answers, References and Explanations and are priced Rs. 250/- each. We offer 20 % discount and hence You have to pay Rs 200 per book
    1. Medicine,
    2. Surgery,
    3. Obstetrics&Gynaecology
  • The following 12 titles contain 500 Questions with Answers, References and Explanations and are priced Rs.150/- each. We offer 20 % discount and hence You have to pay Rs 120 per book.
    1. Anatomy,
    2. Physiology,
    3. Biochemistry,
    4. Pharmacology,
    5. Pathology,
    6. Microbiology,
    7. Forensic Medicine (FM, Legal Medicine),
    8. Community Medicine (SPM, Social and Preventive Medicine),
    9. Ophthalmology (Eye),
    10. Ear Nose and Throat (Otorhinolaryngology, ENT)
    11. Paediatrics,
    12. Orthopaedics.
  • Free Postage if three or more books are ordered together for the same address.
  • The postage charges are Rs. 25/- for one book and Rs 50 for two books.
  • All the 15 Books (worth Rs 2550) can be bought as a package with 30% discount and Free Postage for Rs.1800
We accept the following modes of payment
  1. By A/c Payable Demand Draft in the name of "Kalam Books" payable at Hyderabad Send the DD (Demand Draft) to the Postal Address given below. Please make sure that the Demand Draft (DD) is Crossed before you sent it by post or courier. If you are sending a cheque, the order will be processed only after realisation. Add Rs 100 for outstation cheques. Please note that the DD should be payable at Hyderabadand in favour of "Kalam Books". If you are sending DDs payable at other cities, or sending a DD payable to some other name, we cannot process your orders.
  2. By Money order to Kalam Books at the Postal Address given below. Please write your name and address in the Space for Communication. Please keep in mind that the section of the money order form in which you write the "From" address will return back to you and we will be having the space for communication only. If the space for communication does not have your name and address, we are not in a position to send you the books or realize your payment for other services. We encourage you to you this mode of payment for buying books as the usage charges will be minimum when the money send is not much
Sending Currency per se inside the Cover by Post or Courier is against Law. Please don't keep rupee notes in the cover and send us.
Postal Address
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